Monday, August 21, 2006

Menu Plan Monday Well, I don't see any menus up yet, but here goes mine. At least, I hope--experience has taught me nothing about a weekly menu is carved in stone.

Monday: Chicken and egg salad, green salad with tomatoes, biscuits and leftovers for anyone who doesn't want chicken. My 23-year-old son does not eat chicken. Go figure.

Tuesday: Steak, Potato Bread (new ABM recipe I'm trying) and broccoli au gratin

Wednesday: Chili and bagels and salad

Thursday: Roasted pork tenderloin (BOGO last week--so I bought 4!), Cauliflower Polonaise

Friday: Clam chowder, Grilled Scallops, Whatever fish is cheap (I hope tilipia), roasted cherry tomatoes and shallots

The food highlighted in red is new recipes I'm going to try.
I'm also finishing off my first noble attempt at making strawberry jam tonight. I have to do it after work because it has to sit 24 hours. Believe me, if I'd known it was this much of a production to do canning I wouldn't have done it. My mother cans up a storm, but I have found it tedious. Oh, well.


Stephanie said...

Have you ever made freezer jam? It isn't quite as much work as canning. It tends to be a bit runnier though. When it turned out runny we would eat it on ice cream.

Amanda said...

Your meal plan looks good. I love trying new recipes.

We LOVE strawberry freezer jam. I made some earlier this year with a friend adn we had oodles to share. I have only one container left we have gone through it sooo fast. It is way yummy and way easier then canning. Our favorite way to use it is on pancakes, waffels, or french toast.

I do like to can peaches and have made my own applesauce and apple pie filling before. Have yet to can much else though. :)

Sandra said...

Sounds like you're having yummy meals too, actually it seems that everyone participating in these menu posts are doing it LOL

You'll have to tell me how the jam turns out, would love to give it a go myself :)

Beck said...

ABM means what? Your menu sounds TERRIFIC.

Jenny said...

Sounds delicious!! How do you do the roasted tomatoes? Anything special?

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