Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just too corny for me

I'm all for convenience, if it's at a reasonable price. I don't like making pizza--it never comes out right--so if I want pizza, I get it from a pizza parlor, for example. But sometimes the cost differential between 'convenience' and 'do it yourself' is so ridiculous I don't know why anyone would be so lazy. Today I went to the grocery and I picked up an 8-pack of nicely shucked ears of corn. Then I turned it over to get a price. Almost $7!!!!! Almost a dollar an ear! The shuck-it-yourself corn? Five ears for $2. Almost a dollar vs. 40 cents. Hmmmmmm...let me think on this one! Duh! If I bought the convenient corn, it would be like paying someone almost 50 cents to do a 2 second job. How hard is it to shuck corn? This is right up there with those hot dogs that already come in a bun.


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh wow that's just so LAME... My kids love shucking and it keeps them out of my hair while I'm BBQing.

Mom2fur said...

And just to make me roll my eyes...the other grocery store where I shop had corn even cheaper today! (But I wanted it yesterday, LOL.)