Sunday, July 06, 2008

Heading to America's Heartland...

...which seems appropriate right after the Fourth of July!

Today, our first stop is Iowa. There, we meet Joyce. I just discovered her wonderful blog while hopping around...via Lettie's blog. (See my sidebar for a link to Lettie's!) Isn't "Crafter Thoughts" a great name? Joyce also goes by "Sweetie Pie," and there sure is a lot of sweet 'eye candy' over there!

Now our magical bus heads a little bit south, into Missouri. You'll find DJ and her very patriotic dog, Dixie, at Let's all wish DJ's mom a belated "Happy Birthday"! DJ's mom knows how to tat--that's make lace, for the record--which is something I would have loved to learn. I even had the shuttle once, but just got all discombobulated with it. Honestly, how many people do you know who can make lace?????

That's all today. These are the states for which I can't find a blog:

Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Jersey, Delaware, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Please, if you have a nice (non-political, not too adult) blog, lmk??? Pretty please? I keep coming across blogs that say things like "Midwest" or just "USA," which doesn't help much.

Meantime, I do have some other states to play in and I'll be back soon!


Jen said...

I like reading blogs recommended by other bloggers. I'll have to check out your virtual tour of the US.

Thanks for the tip on flattening bags of ground beef for the freezer. That can save a lot of room! Aren't baskets great? I love grouping like things together. It makes it so much easier to find what I need when I need it!

Hope you'll continue to visit my little home in the blogosphere! Thanks for stopping by.

phyll said... is in Oklahoma, she has a cooking , photography & home & a just ranch life blogs on 1 page. I dont blog but am enjoying your trip.

Debbie J. said...

I posted pictures of the dishcloths you sent me today! My camera is working at the moment. Thanks Clare!

Mom2fur said...

Thanks, Phyll! I'll have to check Pioneer Woman out!
Debbie, I'm on my way to see the pics!

aleryan said...

Hi! Thanks for the comments on my little green crocheted dress. I looking forward to getting it finished and starting something new. I posted here because I was going to give you Oklahoma but someone already posted Be careful, that site is highly addictive especially if you like cooking. So, I'll give you Montana, it's another one of my favorite sites. Thanks for checking me out. I'm in NV by the way.

Anonymous said...

a really good blog from a farmers wife inNebraska is:

check it out I think you will enjoy it.