Friday, July 25, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday and Thrifty Stuff

It's Sew Crafty Friday at Shereen's blog again... I don't have much to donate. This is a blouse I'm working on for the fall. I made this pattern twice before with short sleeves, but found I didn't like the neckline. I don't like things that poke me in the neck. So I made a slight V-neck instead and will leave off the collar. I might put a placket down the front, like a dress shirt, and some braided trim around the neckline. Not sure what color buttons I'll use, but I'm aiming towards black.

My thrifty buys are from the trip to PA. There's a cute spice rack I got for a dollar--probably because two corks are missing. I have put my 'baking spices' in it. I liked the roosters!

In the second pic : an old Mason jar full of buttons. I've gone through them (button collections are like ball pits for grownups, I think) and there are some really nice ones--even enough of some to actually use on a garment.

The pattern is for a little girl's dress. No copyright date but it's definitely 50s. They really knew the right way to dress a little girl back then--I love a full skirt and a sash!
There's a pink and white crocheted trivet. It is twisted with a kind of pleat and is very dimensional.
I'm not sure if the thing underneath is a napkin. The crocheted edging makes me think otherwise. There were 3 to the package. I just like the rainbow edge!


momawake said...

I love that girl's pattern. I have lots of vintage patterns I've collected and still have yet to make one. :-[

Brenda said...

Great spice rack & what a bargain! I also love the little girls pattern from the 50's!

GinnyBerry said...

You've been tagged!

Homesteader in Training said...

I love being thrifty. Those are some great finds.

Terri said...

Welcome back! I love your finds, especially the spice rack. The blouse is beautiful!

aleryan said...

Oh! I love the fabric for your shirt. Your other finds are pretty cool too. But, being the yarnie that I am, I'm bias about the crocheted trivet. LOL. If you want to see a sock knitting loom check out my previous Sew Crafty Friday post here (scroll past the little girl running in the crocheted dress) or Thanks for sharing your things!

Mrs.T said...

I love the pattern, too. I have a lot of them that vintage. To me they are more difficult than today's patterns.

That rainbow edging on the doily or napkin (hard to tell just what it is) really is nifty!