Monday, July 21, 2008

A Quick 'Hi'

Thanks for all the well wishes for our trip!

We got back home last night. Let me tell you, crossing the George Washington Bridge (which crosses the Hudson River and gets you into the Bronx, I think--I'm not the driver) on a Sunday night is a BAD BAD BAD idea. There aren't many options to get you into New York from I-80, so you have a gazillion cars and trucks coming from several different directions, trying to get to points north and east. It was better than a half hour to get over the bridge, but at least that was the only glitch in traveling. I should know better, but I forgot when I made plans. I'll try to remember to come home Monday afternoon next time--ahead of rush hour, LOL!

We have something here called EZ Pass, which lets you go through tolls because it records your trip on a computer and sends you a bill later on. That really helps to speed things up. It's also a blessing that it's a company car, and we don't have to pay for gas! (They let Mike take it, btw--we don't just do it without asking.)

I had a nice time in Pennsylvania. It was great to see our friends and it was a very relaxing weekend. The baby is adorable (that's Abigail Rose with my son Nicky in the photo), and her sons are great kids. I tried taboulleh (sp?) and really liked it. My friend is a diabetic and must be careful what she eats, but she puts out something akin to a feast each night. There never seemed to be less than 10 people around the dinner table! (And she likes it that way.)

She gave me Amish Friendship Bread starter, so I'll see how I do with that.

Oh! And there's an antiques flea market down the block. I love to go there. The prices are about a fourth what I'd pay here in New York. I bought a cute vintage child's dress pattern, an old Mason jar full of buttons and some other vintage goodies. I don't generally spend a lot on old things, but this is my one time a year to splurge. Not that I splurged--I only spent $40. I'll try to post pictures, soon.

And we'll be continuing the USA trip soon, too! I lost my list, so I have to go back through my blog and see where I've already been.


Becky said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip! And I remember we used to have Amish friendship bread for awhile growing up-- it was sweet-ish, wasn't it? Either way, I remember it being yummy.

And the carpal tunnel is something I developed in college--probably a combination result of playing flute and writing papers! A lot of professional flutiss develop it, apparently, so I just have to be careful not to spend too much time at once on the flute or the computer. Or hand-sewing. But they are starting to get much better now, thankfully, and I even cut out my next sewing project last night. So I'm feeling better.

Andrea said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I love amish bread and the starters are much easier if you are used to making bread. But it will be so yummy!

fotog99 said...

We really enjoyed your visit, too! Abi spent the following day walking around looking in all the rooms, calling "Care?? Care??"
I found a recipe from one of our Amish clients for the starter for the bread, so if you ever need it, just yell!
As for the dinners; you're right; I LOVE seeing a crowded table! That's why we bought our "gathering table!" The more the merrier! We never know who will be here at dinner time, so we just make enough and know it will go!
Sure wish you could be here next month for the big community flea market/craft show! It's always HUGE and with the neatest ideas and crafts. I'll try to take pictures for you, ok?