Monday, July 07, 2008

A slow game of tag

I mean, reeeeallly slow. As in, Debbie J tagged me almost 2 weeks ago and I missed the post! Okay, here are my late answers...

Name 5 kind things I do for myself:

1. Have my coffee and whatever in bed in the morning and do my reading.
2. Or else I do my word puzzles. I love everything from cryptic crosswords to anagrams!
3. Sew and crochet things for myself. If I can ever find a pants pattern that fits, I'll make most of my clothes--except jeans.
4. Watch my favorite TV shows--"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" is at the top of the list.
5. Blog hop and find wonderful new blogs!

Name 5 kind things I do for my friends, children or spouse:

1. Pick up things from the grocery I know a particular kid (or husband) will like.

2. Bring my husband out cold drinks when he's doing yardwork on Saturday.

3. Sew for friend's grandchildren.

4. Pick up special shampoos and the like, especially for my daughter.

5. Make homemade pizza.

Name 5 kind things I do for strangers:

1. Well, they aren't exactly strangers, but I clip coupons (esp. diapers) for people to take at work.

2. Hold the door for who ever is coming behind me. (I do this, too.)

3. Let people 'cut in' on a busy road--only when it's safe, of course!

4. I am always nice to cashiers--been there, done that. I'm nice to wait staff, too!

5. I can't think of anything else. I don't get out much.

Name 5 hobbies:

1. Blog-hopping. Is that a hobby?

2. Sewing

3. Crochet

4. Cooking--so many recipes, so little time

5. Couponing--one of the few hobbies that pays back, big time!

I tag...anyone who wants to play!

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Debbie J. said...

Hi! I enjoyed your answers to the tag! The one about being nice to cashiers and wait staff is a good one. My daughter and step daughter were waitresses and you really get to understand the tip thing when you or your family are there!

The Etsy shop is temporarily sold out, except a couple of things that never sold. I'll replenish it this week if I get some time. All the clothespin bags I had made sold. I had to stop listing things to make as they sold because I got stressed out not having them all ready to go.