Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's get this bus rolling!

Time to get back to our B.L.O.G. (ging) in the USA trip!

Our first stop is West Virginia, where we meet Stephanie. "Stop the Ride" is the home of the blogging carnival "Make It From Scratch." The site has great recipes and frugal tips! Look around and then meet me at the Cyberbus.

Next, we head to Virginia. We're going to spend a bit of time here, as I have 3 blogs to tell you about!

First is called "Nana's Toybox." My friend from Pennsylvania told me about this. She told me Cynthia is a very nice person with a great family. She also told me Cynthia is very talented, as you will see when you visit! Aren't those handmade dolls cute? The monster bag cracks me up.

After you get your daily dose of cuddly cute, let's drive over to "Butter and Sugar." Isn't that flamingo hanging a hoot? And those berry pies...oh, yum! That's just the dessert in this feast for the eyes of quilting, crochet, sewing and more!

Finally, we'll visit "Ten Ten Spot." Cute kids, chickens, nice pix and an adorable graduate named "Tubby." LOL, that's not a kid's name. Tubby's a dog and he just graduated from obedience school! How cute is he in his graduation cap? Still, I'm sure he won't mind removing it if you promise to scratch him behind his ears. Here's the link:

Hope you all had a good time on our cyber trip today!


Amy said...

I'm thrilled that you chose my blog as a stop on your trek through the USA. Thanks so much for your kind comments!! Can't wait to hear more about your Amish Friendship Bread.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for stopping by place in WV!