Friday, September 01, 2006

Menu Plan Monday...Friday

Wow, I did it. I actually stuck to my menu and made everything on it this week! Right down to the meatloaf, which I wasn't sure I'd make. (It came out really good, btw.) Tonight we are having ciabatta pizza. Let me tell you, this is NOT frugal. Not by the time I bought the ciabatta bread and mozzarella! However, there was one frugal aspect that came as a nice surprise. I only needed a little pepperoni, since not all of us like it. Whether you buy the sticks or slices in a package, that stuff is expensive. Salad Bar to the rescue! Sure, it costs 3.99 a pound. But I'm not buying a pound of pepperoni! I only needed enough for 2 or 3 people. Just a 'scoopful.' Do you want to know how much it cost me? Honestly, truthfully...8 cents. I hit the "Salad Bar" button on the self-scanner screen and that is exactly what came up. So next time you need just a little of something, try buying it from the salad bar. It might only cost you pennies! (BTW, I'm eating the pizza right now. Yummy! I like it enough that when mozzarella is actually on sale, I'd definitely make it again.)


Meredith said...

Eight cents! Wow! I always forget about the salad bar.

I finally broke down and let my son select a candy from Fresh Market's amazing display of sweets by the pound. I couldn't believe it was only 16 cents...less than the quarter I was spending on a cookie for him.

Mom2fur said...

You gotta watch those candy counters. They can really add up. But a little bit, just like the salad bar, is a great bargain!