Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Costume I made

If Sew Crafty Friday was up and running, this would be my 'donation.' I hope all is well with Shereen and family!
Angelina wanted to be a 'spooky bride' for Halloween. She's got her Halloween Dance tonight. So...despite having yet another flippin' sinus headache...I finished it up today. (I also had to get it done anyway...I'm leaving for Ohio tomorrow.) I bought the fabric at a discount store, so it only cost a dollar a yard! But don't laugh about that eyelet ruffle around the comes from an old tablecloth. But hey, it works!
There is tulle around the neck that is held in place with little charms. The bow in the back is tulle as well.
I made this from the ground up--drafted the pattern myself. Basically, I used some exam table paper from work and held it up against Angelina and traced a bodice. I made a 'muslin' to check the fit, and it worked fine. The sleeves are a real pattern, adapted from a sweatshirt pattern.
P.S.--She'll use her first communion veil, wear creepy black nails, and of course she'll ditch the jeans, LOL! (She's wearing creepy lipstick here. Frankly...I made the gown 'pretty' so she could go either way with it...sweet or scary!)


Michelle said...

You posted on my blog about your coupon methods. Was wondering, do you just write down each thing that you have a coupon for or type up a spreadsheet or what? Do you mind showing me your list? How long does this method take you?

Nanci said...

Being a fellow-headache-sufferer, I sympathize with you completely. It takes major effort just to think with a headache, let alone be creative. Angelina should have great fun in this costume.

I also wanted to let you know that I put a link to your blog and a few others for Sew Crafy Friday. Sure will be happy when Shereen is back.

Miranda said...

Such a neat costume, I bet that young lady will remember forever the thoughtfulness you show her! I just love making costumes... stop by and see what I've been up to next week!

Nanci said...

It's always nice to hear that something into which you have put so much work turns out to be a hit!! The costume was so cute; it was very nice of the mother to let you know that everyone thought it was great.

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Rebecca lived about ten minutes away from me for two years -- before they moved away last June. It broke my heart to see her go; we had become very special friends. We still keep in touch regularly, but I miss her very, very much. She is as great in person as she appears on her blog. She was the reason I started blogging -- to let her keep up with my family.

Jaclyn said...

Well done job..! Love the Halloween costume.