Friday, October 10, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday--almost finished

Well, Shereen isn't back with Sew Crafty Friday just yet, so we have to hope she's happily busy in her new home!
Here are my two blouses. As you can see, I chose green buttons after all for the brown one. It is almost done. I just have to sew buttons on the cuffs and do a little sewing at the neckline.
The pink blouse just needs the neckline sewn. I wish I had more of this fabric so I could bind it to match, but I'll probably either make a contrasting facing (it wouldn't show anyway) or just roll it back and stitch it. I think the ribbon trim is wonky, but I already ripped it out once, so it's going to stay this way. I can also see I need to wear one of my better bras under it, LOL!
I posted twice today, so please scroll down and read my other one. Meantime...what have you been up to in the creative world?


Debbie J. said...

The blouses turned out really nice! You are very talented in making your own clothes! I think I could just sew full time if I had the time.:o)

Miranda said...

Wow! Great job. You have a couple of beautiful blouses for fall. I really like the fabric in the second. I found a link I thought you might like. It is

Lots of free patterns to use up bits and pieces from other projects.

Miranda said...

Oops! The link is


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Great blouses.

Donna said...

Nice job! WOW! Wish I could sew that well! Love the style and fabrics!