Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Halloween Swap Partner...

...remains an enigma. You forgot to put a card in the box with your name! So...WHO are you?????

Anyhoo, behold the cuteness! An awesome cup, bowl and plate in a Halloween theme...and the spider isn't scary. He's silly and adorable.
And behold the awesomeness...I opened up a red drawstring bag decorated with bats to find some hand made napkins! I love using cloth napkins. Isn't the skull one the best???? I like it so much I hung it on the bottom half of my kitchen cafe curtains, which are black and white gingham. So the skull napkin looks really cool there.

Thanks so much for making me smile today, mystery partner! It will make me even happier to have a name for you!
And thanks to Susan at Blackberry Creek for hosting this fun little swap!


Becky said...

Heeheee... I guess the mystery partner wanted to stay anonymous. And those napkins are great!

Oh, and I tagged you in a meme. But I think you already did it. Oh well... I was trying to stick to people that I actually converse with on a quasi-regular basis on here!

Katie said...

Wow, a Halloween swap! That's an awesome idea!

I hope the baking soda works well on your tub! :) We have hard water so sometimes I need to use a chemical cleaner to get those stains out, but over all I use baking soda (and vinegar if it's getting gross) and it works great.

Susie Q said...

How sweet! And I love the idea of a Halloween swap!
What a great idea.


Aurora said...

OK, you are right... I AM a nut. And you don't have the same name as me either...

BUT I'm glad you liked your goodies. From reading your blog I could tell you like to keep things simple. I hope I sent you stuff you would enjoy using.

You can find me here (along with more pictures of your stuff before I mailed it!)

Happy Halloween!