Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whatever Wednesday: Pet Peeves!

Laurie's theme this week is Pet Peeves. (I forgot to link to her last week! Here ya go...)

Okay, pet peeves. First, a definition, if you don't mind. A pet peeve is a little thing that is really, really, really annoying--not a major 'hate' like cruelty to animals or mean people. I guess, basically, it's the things that make less quality of life. Okay, here I go:

SIGNAL, WILL YOU??? People who turn without signalling really annoy me. How hard it is to flick a lever?

Stop tailgating already. Honestly, whether or not you give my exhaust pipe some breathing space...I'm probably going to meet you at the next light, anyway. What's your hurry?

This one really just applies to me: just because Dr. A's office opens at 6 doesn't mean I want you there waiting in the driveway when I arrive. Dr. A doesn't arrive until 7:15. I don't need you under my feet while I'm trying to vacuum. (We do take walk-ins, and most people actually are pretty nice about waiting...or leaving. I usually let them sign in and tell them to come back later. But still, I wish they wouldn't come so early.)

Speaking of Dr. A's office...stop sitting by while your kids trash the front room. It's just a small place. It isn't a park or a gym. I shouldn't have to be the one to tell the kiddies to stop screaming or throwing things. And what is it with kids and breaking off the legs off horses or removing wheels from toy cars?

Okay, enough griping, LOL!


Laurie said...

Oh, I'm totally with you with the car signaling. That's a good one. And my Dr.'s office had to post a sign telling people that if their kids cause damage, they will be charged for it. They were literally letting their kids rip the wallpaper off the walls! Ridiculous.

Thanks for participating!

Nanci said...

I, too, worked in doctor's office before my children were born. And yes, I remember children whose mother's sat oblivious while their children screamed and generally misbehaved. But I must say that at the very top of the things that peeved me were mothers who told their children, "If you don't be good, the doctor/nurse will give you a shot." I usually wanted to give those mothers a GOOD SHOT. What a great way to cause the kids to be frightened of the very ones who are there to help them!!! Mom, take care of the discipline yourself -- don't threaten them with what I am going to do to them. WHOOPS, sorry..Was I venting? ...touchy subject with me.

Debbie J. said...

I also hate those tail gaters!!!! It makes me so mad I can't stand it. They tail gate and then finally pass you, even if you are going the speed limit or over, and then turn off. Some people just can't stand to be behind anyone. Its a power thing!