Monday, September 18, 2006

Menu Plan Monday

About time, too! I just never got around to it today, but here goes: Monday--Teriyaki Ribs, Fried Rice and Broccoli. Tuesday: Maple Mustard Drumsticks*, muffins*, broccoli in mustard sauce*. Wednesday: Hungarian Goulash*, Noodles and salad. Thursday: Cranberry Pork Roast (never made it last week), corn bread, broccoli cranberry slaw*. Friday: Grilled Ham and Jack cheese sandwiches*, Parmesan vegetable toss*. Starred items are new recipes I hope to try. We'll see how the week works out. For the muffins, I'm going to try to sub maple syrup for some of the liquid or sugar (if there is any) so they go with the rest of the dinner. Oh, and btw, check out my baby dress post, too! And the pineapple puppy post! But beware...the cute-o-meter is off the scale.


Beck said...

Sounds GREAT! I like every day of what you have planned - yum!

org junkie said...

Yummy! Have a great week!