Sunday, September 10, 2006

Million Dollar Savings Club


That's how fast your money grows in 30 days if you save just 3 dollars a day! Go check out the Million Dollar Savings Club at Bryan C. Flemings blog!

You save 3 one-dollars bills each day, one each to a pile labeled either "Save," "Invest," or "Give Away." 3 dollars is easy for most any of us. I just started a few days ago and I'm having so much fun with this. I had gone to CVS yesterday and spotted a garage sale on my way home. I put aside my 3 singles before I even got out of the car to see what goodies she had. (Bought 2 shoe trees and a set of pretty oriental vases for $1.50.) The idea isn't that you're going to be a millionaire if you save $3/day. It's a fun way to get you into a savings habit. You start looking at your dollars and saying: "I need 3 singles for tomorrow. I won't buy that (insert frivolous thing here) so I have the money for my club!"

So, go look, and have fun!

Oh, btw, I found this via another really cool blog:
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Bryan C. Fleming said...

Thanks for promoting the club. Please blog about your experiences good and bad. I think your readers need to know that none of us are perfect. I'm glad you're enjoying it (so am I).

- Bryan