Friday, September 08, 2006

That was close!

I only shop at 2 supermarkets. (I keep wanting to call them 'grocery stores,' which shows my age. When was the last time you saw a 'grocery' store, rather than a mega-super-collosal mart?) After doing price comparisons, I've found these two to be consistently lower priced. Today, I went to Waldbaum's in particular because canned tomatoes (crushed in puree) and Barilla pasta were on sale cheaper than I have seen them in ages. Fat lot of good that would have done me, if I'd walked out without showing the cashier my club card. Trouble with Waldbaum's is that they don't take the card until after they've rung you up. Which is dumb. I was so busy packing cans I almost forgot. And when I handed it over, I ended up saving $10. Ten Dollars! Geesh. This is why Stop and Shop is my preferred store. I use self-check there and then I am in total control.
I would have gone back in to customer service with my receipt to get my $10, but who needs one more thing to do in their day?


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

WooHoo on saving 10$ though!!! That rocks!

Mom2fur said...

Thanks, Julie!