Sunday, September 03, 2006

Storing Summer Clothes

I tend to put up and take down clothes from my attic in stages. This morning, I brought up all my sleeveless tops. At least, the ones that aren't currently in the laundry. I figure, with outside temps hitting the 60s and low 70s these days (probably thanks to Ernesto), I won't have much use for sleeveless tops. (No need to store bathing suits or shorts--I wouldn't be caught dead in either.) Next things to go up will be short-sleeved t-shirts, in a few weeks. What's coming down now is long-sleeved tops that are light in weight, and later on I'll bring down heavier sweatshirts and sweaters. So for a little while, my drawers are ready for two different seasons. In the meantime, I also intended to bring down all the boy clothes up there. Nicky has grown from the young boys' to the men's department and I was going to systematically go through old clothes to see if anything would fit him. I must have done that last year--I didn't find a single thing. What I did find is that my daughter needs to go through her things to see what she wants and doesn't want. Sounds like a project to do in front of the TV on a day off! (I have a feeling some young girl somewhere is going to inherit a lot of really nice things. My daughter has excellent fashion sense. She didn't get it from me--I have no fashion sense at all. If it's clean and it matches, I'm good to go. Katherine, who is 21, and my mom, who is 83, have infinitely more fashion sense than me!)


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

That's a great idea about doing it in stages! I took your advice and you're right! thanks!

Mom2fur said...

You're welcome, Julie!