Thursday, September 21, 2006

Slow Cooker Thursday Here's my contribution to "Slow Cooking Thursday," hosted by "Diary of a Stay at Home Mom." We are having it with buttery corn bread and some kind of vegetable--as in, what I pull from my freezer. I love this theme--it will get me to make more use of my crockpot. And boy, are there some gooooood recipes over there! BTW, I had bought the cranberry juice earlier in the week and it's already gone. I also didn't want a lot of sauce because we're using cornbread, not rice or noodles. So I am skipping the cornstarch and water part. I needed something tart to cut the sweetness, so I added a dash of lemon juice instead of the cranberry juice--just a dash, not a half cup, LOL! I also used honey instead of sugar. I've made this recipe in the regular way many times so I feel confident experimenting with it. Oh...and I'm using pork tenderloin. It is my pork of choice and I always stock up when it is BOGO.


Sandra said...

Man, I'm in so much trouble, no use trying to loose any weight LOL

LOVE this, thanks for sharing this recipe, I'm a pork girl too (that sounds bad LOL).
Nothing like a good tenderloin huh???

Thanks for playing along :)

Stephanie said...

Oh I forgot about this today. I am going to have to browse. I need more slowcooker recipes!

Mom2fur said...

Acck! I had my slow cooker on too low and the meat wasn't cooked at dinner time. Internal temp was only 125 by about 50! So I'm going to freeze it for a future date. (I don't feel like having it tonight.)